“I enjoyed reading the diverse stories about my homeland, and this outpouring of simple humanity reminds me why I remain a Canadian citizen after many years of living ‘away from home.'” – Wayne Patterson , Senior Fellow, Howard University; Vice President, Liberal Party of Canada, 1980-1984


Everybody’s excited – and they’re telling us about it!

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What the Press are saying…

Did you know we’ve sold over 100,000 copies of Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul since its release in September, 2002?

That’s 20 times more than the definition of a bestseller in Canada! (if you don’t want to do the math – 5,000 is considered a best seller in Canada!)

We have…

  • Made #1 with W.H. Smith and Coles (for weeks!)
  • Made #1 on the Quill and Quire Inside Report bestseller list several times in fall 2002
  • Made #1 on the Winnipeg Free Press on Sept.22!

What our readers are saying…

Along with our contributing authors, we continue to receive emails and letters every day from folks telling us how much they appreciate the stories, the people in them, and themselves for being Canadian.

We have heard from…

  • Teenagers
  • Canadians living abroad
  • Americans who love being remembered
  • Our Armed Forces personnel who thank our authors for sharing their experiences
  • Mothers who are touched by our “child heroes”
  • Executives of our national sports associations who are thrilled with the attention to amateur sport.
  • Teachers thanking us for creating this special book

Please keep writing to us and to our contributing authors (see About Our Authors for how to contact them) and we will keep sharing with everyone.

“If a culture is truly defined by its stories, then definition of a Canadian just got a whole lot clearer. The 84 vignettes that make up the newly published Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul capture the very essence of our national character.”
– Toronto Forever Young, Oct 2002

“At last, there’s some uplifting reading for the northern soul.”
“The 84 stories of courage, love, kindness, perseverance, loyalty and other Canadian virtues offer enough uplift to put Air Canada out of business.”

– Judy Stoffman, The Toronto Star, Aug 27, 2002

“It’s enough to make you proud to be a Canadian.”
– Marlene Eisner, Montreal West Island Suburban, October 30, 2002

“Stories to melt even the hardest hearts”
“In a country where it takes a beer commercial to stir national pride, capturing our Canadian identity in a collection of personal stories is not a small undertaking. It’s a job for the Chicken Soup crew.”

– Lisa Monforton, The Calgary Herald, Thursday October 10, 2002

“So what makes Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul different from all the others? Well, it’s about Canadians, about who we really are and this makes us different right off the top. It should also serve as an eye-opener for all those sheltered folks south of the border who really haven’t a clue what makes a Canadian. Far too many still believe we all live on the tundra in igloos, every one of us plays hockey and we down maple syrup by the jugful.”
– Jerry Gladman, The Toronto Sun, November 10, 2002

What the Media need to see…

Canada’s geography defines who we are – open, diverse, passionate, courageous, peace-loving, warm (well, sometimes for a few weeks every year), welcoming, and it goes on.

We want you to know some of the people in YOUR neighbourhood so you can contact them in person to hear more of their story. And while some of those heroes belong to all of us like Terry Fox and Rick Hansen, we know British Columbia is generous enough to share them with us.

Please download this media kit to read more. To learn more, or to reach Janet Matthews for an interview, please contact her at: 905-726-8000 or Email: janet at janetmatthews.ca – (please replace the “at” with @ for the above address to avoid spam).

Many of our contributing authors have allowed us to put their contact information and a link to their web site where available on the About Our Authors page. They like to share, too.