“As Canadians, we have so many ways to be proud of who we are, what we’ve accomplished and what we’ve overcome. This book is awesome. I give it an “Eh”!” – T. Harv Eker, Bestselling Author, SpeedWealth Internationally-renowned Speaker, Who’s Who of Executives, Dunn & Bradstreet, President, Peak Potentials Training Inc.


When assembling the stories for this book, we had the Chicken Soup for the Soul mandate to fulfill first – short, true, heart opening, inspirational, uplifting stories with a gift for the reader at the end. But in addition, we had a number of other things we tried to include. Gratitude in being Canadian was one of them. Being inspired by some of our greatest Canadian heroes was another. Learning about some amazing moments in our history another, along with experiencing the feeling of our rich and diverse cultural and natural heritage.

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The musical theme Canadian Soul was arranged and performed by Anita Beaty, and is used by permission.