66 – Carol Sharpe

Carol Sharpe is the mother of five children and a grandmother ofnine. She has recently received her diploma in CreativeWriting. A very busy lady who enjoys sports. Next to writing she enjoys playing competitively in Billiard Leagues.

65 – Doug Setter

Doug Setter is completing a bachelors degree in Nutrition at the University of Manitoba. A former soldier and welterweight kickboxing champion, Doug teaches fitness, kickboxing, and self defence. He is the author of “Stomach Flattening” and “Women’s Kickboxing.” Doug can be reached at:

64 – John Seagrave

John Seagrave (1959-2005) lived in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories- which is in the Arctic. He was one of the last generation of Canadian fur traders, and witnessed the closing of an era of our history. After Ogemah was chosen for this book, he wrote his own book called The Hudson’s Bay Boy, which chronicled his humorous adventures living amongst the Aboriginal people of Canada’s far north. When it was done, it was made into a play which travelled across Canada. For information about John’s writing, please contact Lisa Seagrave at 5009-57 Street, Yellowknife, NWT, Canada, X1A 1Y4, or e-mail

62 – Ariel Rogers

Ariel Rogers has been involved in the entertainment industry since early childhood. A member of The Players Guild of Hamilton, she has won numerous dramatic and musical awards over the years. She manages Fogarty’s Cove Music, the company founded by her late husband. Reach her through

60 – Chris Roberston

Chris Robertson is a past President of CAPS, founder of the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame and has been voted Best Canadian Keynote Speaker. Chris is author of the bestselling book To The Top Canada and Exceeding Expectations: The Strategy of Personal & Organizational Excellence. Chris can be contacted at 905-387-0721 or at