“The answer to ‘what makes a Canadian a Canadian?’ is finally clear. It’s in our stories. We now have something to pass on to our children and our children’s children and they to theirs. We can stand up and be proud of our accomplishments as Canadians. Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul gives us a legacy.” – Deane Parkes: writer, motivational trainer, speaker, mentor, businessman, and creator of National Post’s HealthVenture

“The stories in this book are as diverse as the people who make up this magnificent nation. The golden thread that runs through them all is the love and the gratitude that Canadians have for their country.”

~Janet Matthews

     The Book Launch Was An Enormous Success!

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The Spirit of Canada!
101 stories about love and gratitude for Canada

150 years and counting. These days Canada is the country that is respected across the globe … everyone wants to be Canadian! And you’ll know why after you read the stories in this book.

Diversity. Whether it’s geography, language, climate, or culture, diversity is what Canada’s all about. The wonderful stories in this book celebrate Canada’s rich history, its place in the world, and its multi-cultural traditions, sports, and outdoor life­style. Read about how we celebrate Canada Day, our tradition of enjoying wilderness adventures, summer cottages, and of course, hockey.

You’ll love these tales from grateful immigrants, about national heroes, proud First Nations people, Canadian kindness, and our well known tradition of helping each other. Shed a tear when you read about our war heroes, and laugh when you read about uniquely Canadian outdoor “adventures.”

You’ll be humming “O Canada” by the time you finish this patriotic collection of stories that come from the hearts of those of us who love Canada, and everything she stands for.

Need An All Canadian Speaker?      Book Co-author Janet Matthews

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